Understanding Damage Restoration Services

Sometimes it’s confusing trying to understand whether you need a cleanup, repair, mitigation, remediaiton or restoration services company in Missouri. let us explain some of the services to better help.

Mold Removal and Remediation for Your MO Home Or Business

So which is it? Mold removal or mold remediation, or mold abatement? Often these terms like many in the restoration industry are commonly interchanged when they actually mean different things. Mold removal is the act of removing the mold from the property or area so that the presence of mold no longer exists above normal, natural levels. Mold remediation is the process of creating and implementing a mold abatement plan that will actually address the underlying reason the excessive mold was able to proliferate and become a health risk. Remediation by definition includes the mold removal, and abatement process.

Is There any Difference Between a Biohazard and Infectious Disease Incident Cleanup and Disinfecting?

It’s often confusing trying to understand the difference between a biohazard incident and an infectious disease incident. Simply put biohazards are biological elements from microorganisms, plants, animals, andor their byproducts, that pose a potential threat to the health of living organisms, both people and animals. Infectious diseases also fall into this category but are considered more potentially harmful because they are highly infectious and can be spread via the air we breathe or the can be blood borne. One can come into contact with biohazard waste that may or may not present a certain danger for infectious disease, but it’s the uncertainty of the waste that dictates careful professional handling and disposal because without thorough testing that can sometimes take too much time, it has to be assumed biohazard waste my have the potential risk of holding infectious disease.

Understanding the difference between water damage remediation, water damage repair, and water damage restoration

This one gets a little tricky because the there are some nuances between the term repair and remediation. In a nutshell, the term repair is often used to encompass the cleanup, demo, and restoration phases of a fire damaged property. You can however have a repair that means different things. Is it a get by repair, or is it a full restoration bringing the property back to its pre-loss condition. In general we would say that a fire damage remediation plan includes the cleanup, dryout, demo, and treatment as necessary, so that the restoration of the property back to it’s pre-loss condition can occur. Fire damage repair projects almost always include water damage repair services as well as water and other flame-retardants are used to put the fire out.

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Biohazard & Infectious Disease

Containment, Cleanup, and Decontamination

When it comes to blood borne pathogens from crime scene or unintended death situations, sanitization and cleanup is best left to fully trained and certified technicians

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Honest Business Practices

“I called and asked them several questions and they were informative right away….Michelle was VERY professional and down to earth. This company is prompt and on time.”
Erica H

Harmful Drug Decontamination

Fentanyl, Carfentanil, and Meth Cleanup and Decontamination

Take no chances here, let trained and certified professionals like those at Midwest Restoration Pros swiftly and discreetly handle your cleanup and decontamination, remember the risk is all yours otherwise

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Quick Response Times

“I needed some serious cleaning done quickly at a property and MRP did an outstanding job. They will extremely professional and took the time to explain exactly what should be done and didn’t try and over sell something I didn’t need. Highly recommend”

Bob B

Hoarding and Boarding

Property Cleanup and Security

Whether you are faced with a hoarding, or a boarding situation, Midwest Restoration Pros can help. Prompt cleanup and boarding services for any situation

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Extreme Integrity

“Midwest Restoration Pro's LLC are dependable, honest and are very good at what they do at a fair price.”
Arlene L

Midwest Restoration Pros

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